Soar Into Adventure on May 28th with Eagle Island Twist!

Developer Pixelnicks and Screenwave Media Games are excited to present Eagle Island Twist!:

Soar Into Adventure!

Blast through an island of dangers with your projectile owl companion. Battle through crisp, colorful pixel art in this handcrafted platformer. The rules change every level, but with brilliant power-ups you’ll conquer unique environments, enemies, and bosses.

• Use your owl to defeat enemies and collect coins, seeds, and manaroc.

• Fly through 45 handcrafted stages that homage retro classics in both visuals and gameplay.

• Traverse a 16-bit era world map and choose from casual to more difficult routes. Revisit stages to discover hidden collectables and secret areas.

• Gather green gems and trade for legendary feathers—like the golden Lumara form, which casts Kusako off at the speed of light!

Includes the original game, the challenging roguelite Eagle Island. Tread through beautiful, procedurally generated environments as Quill and cast your owl companion Koji as a projectile to defeat enemies and build your combo.  Obtain runestones to diversify your gameplay, from the high-damage Iron Beak to the far-flinging Spring Jump, or use award-winning accessibility features to further customize your experience.

High-flying adventure awaits you on Eagle Island!

(No birds were harmed in the making of this game.)

Check out for more info, and be sure to pick up your copy and soar into Eagle Island Twist!

Release Date: May 28th, 2021

Price: $12.99

Platforms: PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Steam