New Lume and the Shifting Void Demo Out NOW on Steam!

Join Lume and R16 in an all-new Lume and the Shifting Void demo. Holostrike, slide, and blast your way through Naru Forest, or shmup across the Dolgrum skies, all in the time it takes to deliver a pizza.

About Lume and the Shifting Void

Jump, punch, and shoot your way through a genre-bending action-adventure. As Lume and R16, battle your way through levels that mix up the gameplay to stop the Void from expanding. Platformer, beat ‘em up, shmup — No problem. Master the core controls and you’ll be ready, no matter how the gameplay shifts.

– Alternate between melee and ranged attacks to defeat your foes and battle fearsome bosses.

– Venture out from a hub world and explore seven levels featuring mechanics and enemies that span a wide variety of genres inspired by arcade classics.

– Stunning hand-crafted pixel art bursting with personality.

– Fast paced and tight controls for non-stop action.

– Absorb the power of the Void to learn new abilities like the lightning fast dash.

– Unlock upgrades for your gloves, the Holostrikers, to grant you more power as you progress.

Download NEW Demo via Steam and Be Sure to Wishlist Lume and the Shifting Void!