Never-Ending Onslaught of Nerds

Release Date:

    June 21, 2021 Game Jam Entry for Amaze Me Game Jam


N.E.O.N.: Never-Ending Onslaught of Nerds


    Lead Developer Sam Beddoes (FreakZone Games)

    Additional Design Iván G. Lago (@ivangonlag), David Biggs, and Ryan Schott

    Programming Iván G. Lago (@ivangonlag) and Sam Beddoes (FreakZone Games)

    Voices Cosplayer: Shellah, Announcer: David Biggs, Nerds: Sebastian Todd, Mika E. D. Mitchell, Karl Howe, Shellah, Sam Beddoes


Welcome to NeCON!

Lights! Camera! Nerds!

We’ve missed going to in-person events this past year and feel the isolation, so we decided to replicate the convention experience! You are a famous cosplayer and influencer, and it’s your job to smile for the camera… with a Never-Ending Onslaught of Nerds! (…Hey, that’s us!)

How long can YOU last before things get… Awkward?!

• Snap your way through hordes of excited fans!
• Rack up points and top your high score!
• Feel the awkwardness!

N.E.O.N.: Never-Ending Onslaught of Nerds is a submission for the Amaze Me Game Jam