Eagle Island

Your journey begins on Eagle Island!

Release Date:

    July 11, 2019 Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, GOG



Eagle Island



    Developer Pixelnicks

    Publisher Screenwave Media//Retroware


    $12.99 USD



A Celebration of Indie Roguelike Games!

Explore the avian world of Eagle Island alongside Quill and his loyal owl, Koji, in a desperate attempt to rescue Koji’s sibling Ichiro from the Guardian Eagle, Armaura.

One of the most highly anticipated roguelike games of 2019, the award-winning Eagle Island celebrates and innovates the platforming genre with its uniquely generated worlds and falconry-inspired gameplay mechanics.

Accessible Game Design is our Mission

Pixelnicks and Screenwave Media Games collaborated to design Eagle Island as an inclusive experience featuring a wealth of accessibility options to accommodate the multi-faceted needs of modern gamers.

Enjoy story mode, randomized roguelike dungeons, and competitive speed runs, with a variety of difficulty levels to suit your skill level. In addition, adjust audio, visual, and control settings to fit your needs and preferences — a goal we plan to bring to all of our upcoming games in 2019 and beyond!


  • A Family Adventure Game With Near-Endless Possibilities!
  • *Explore a handcrafted hub world with procedurally assembled dungeons
  • *Mix and match 85 different abilities with each gameplay run
  • *Find Magical Feathers to imbue your owl with elemental abilities
  • *Explore 16 beautiful environments
  • *Conquer twelve screen-filling boss battles