Angry Video Game Nerd I&II: Deluxe

He's gonna take you back to the past... again!

Release Date:

    March 19, 2021 Steam/Digital Release



Official The Angry Video Game Nerd: I & II Deluxe Website



    Developer FreakZone Games

    Publisher Screenwave Media//Retroware


    $14.99 USD

    $34.99 USD Physical Release (PS4, Switch) COMING SOON!



As the Angry Video Game Nerd, it’s up to YOU to take names and kick some video game A$$$$$$! Blast through levels loaded with diarrhea dumps, death blocks, and other BULLS**T that will make you ask, “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!”

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

You are the Nerd, enjoying the company of friends and shitty games that suck a$$. Suddenly, your friends are zapped into the TV, as you are grabbed by the balls and pulled in too! Now you must stop an evil programmer intent on keeping you and your friends in a hell of your own making-inside the shittiest game EVER.

The Angry Video Game Nerd II: ASSimilation

It’s time to put the ASS in ASSimilation! Fred Fu**s is at it again and has transformed the entire world into a game. But he missed on foul-mouth and short-tempered jerk-the NERD! Now you must ASSume the role of AVGN and restore the balance between s**t and reality!

The Angry Video Game Nerd: I & II Deluxe is a remASSTURD and reBALLanced version of these quests. But don’t let the updated mechanics fool you-these games are harder than fossilized triceratops turds. YEAAAAHHH, the type of hard that makes you realize it’s not the game that sucks-it’s just YOU!


  • • Enhanced Visuals!
  • Experience the 8-bit ugliness in a whole new way.
  • • Updated Game Engine!
  • And by updated, we mean "Rebuilt the first game from the ground up in the superior second game's engine." Trust us, it feels better.
  • • Improved level design and difficulty options!
  • Both games are infamously hard-as-nails, but Normal and Easy difficulties come with infinite lives, so take as many attempts as you need to beat the challenge. Level designs have been improved upon to really nail the balance between tough and fair. Or perhaps you loved the limited lives and ludicrous overuse of instant-death blocks in the original release? We've got you covered. Just select "Old School" or higher from the difficulty menu and you'll be cursing the developers' name in no time.
  • • Quality of Life Improvements!
  • Faster respawning (When you die, which will be often, you'll just pop right back out of the Toaster and get on with your day, just like nature intended!), multiple save slots, accessibility options and more mean that anybody can take on the challenge.
  • • New Chapter, Completing The Story!
  • "Wait, the game had a story" You ask? To which we say: ...Kinda! But there's more of it now! Beat both games to unlock the epic finale!
  • And more!