AVGN 1&2 Deluxe, Out NOW on Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4!

You asked for it, then you asked for it again, you just wouldn’t stop $#@*-ing asking for it,  so we finally did it:

AVGN 1&2 Deluxe is NOW AVAILABLE on the Xbox and PlayStation

Experience new and improved gameplay of the original AVGN games as you jump, blast, and curse your way to the all-new mysterious FINAL CHAPTER.

What, you want more? Selfish jerks. Okay Fine…

Are you Nerd enough to handle?: 

  • Autofire – You don’t have to break your controller hammering those buttons!
  • Language swapping – Have the Nerd swear at you in your native tongue!
  • Enhanced visuals – Experience the 8-bit ugliness as intended!
  • Improved Levels and Difficulty options! 
  • Bug fixes – It’s not the game that’s bad, it’s just you!
  • New player skins – Fight your way towards the final chapter as Board James, Justin Baily or Rex Viper! 

Screenwave Media Games and FreakZone Games present AVGN 1&2 DELUXE, now available on your Xbox and PlayStation.

So…what are you waiting for!? We gave you what you wanted, so go get it!…if you’re nerd enough.