Announcing the Eagle Island Twist Charity Speedrun Tournament!

Please make sure to read the rules entirely before signing up for the tournament!



June 5 & June 6, 2021

Eagle Island/Eagle Island Twist for Steam here:

Test Your Flight in the Eagle Island Twist Charity Speedrun Tournament!

As part of Eagle Island Twist’s May 28th release, Screenwave Media Games and GG Speedruns will host a Eagle Island Twist speedrunning competition with a $5000 USD prize pool and additional $5000 USD charitable donation made to the National Audubon Society on June 5th-6th.

Starting June 5th, both participants and viewers will be able to keep up with the action and watch each run. Finals will be held the next day on the 6th to see which participant wins the title of the fastest Eagle Island Twist Speedrunner!

All of the rules mentioned below apply to every single tournament organized by GG_Speedruns. Any individual tournament specifications will be mentioned at the bottom of this section (Any individual rules that contradict the general rules and guidelines will overwrite the general ruling).

Participation Guidelines

To participate in the tournament, all players must meet the following guidelines:

  • – Sign up via Challonge here.
  • – Be a member of the designated GG Speedruns Discord of the event.
  • – All runners are required to check-in through discord 30-minutes before the start schedule of their respective pool.
    • – Participants MUST be ready at least 20-minutes before their match for streaming setup purposes. If a player does not show by match’s start, they will lose said match.
  • – Be able to stream at a steady framerate, minimum 720/30 at 2500 bitrate.
    • – All participants are required to stream as some matches will be featured on the main re-stream tournament channel.
  • – Submit video proof HERE that you can complete the designated speedrun goal—no later than June 3rd (Thursday) at 11:59pm.
  • – Use the premade layout provided to each runner for official tournament matches.

Speedrun Guidelines

These are the speedrunning guidelines for this tournament:

NOTE: Brackets are not final until the tournament actually starts.

  • – Game Rules set to Entry.
  • – Seeding based on final times submitted by June 3rd of the tournament temporary category in SRC.
  • – Pools will be played Saturday, June 5th and Top 8 on June 6th. Top 8 determined by Bo3.
  • – Brackets will be limited to 64 entries. If registration is more than that, the top 64 in the SRC leaderboard will make the final cut for brackets.
  • – Run starts on selection of Entry rules on a clean save file and ends once Twisted Geminice is defeated.
  • – In-game timer needs to be activated from the UI settings of the game. Determining factor of winner will be based on final IGT. Any attempt to manipulate IGT, such as pausing the game to stop timer, is not allowed and will result in disqualification.
  • – In case of draw, tie breaker will be who killed Geminice in least amount of time (i.e. both ended with an overall time of 25 mins flat, but one player killed Geminice in 30 seconds and the other in 33. The player that killed Geminice in 30 seconds will be the winner) .
  • – The easy path, or traveling to the right of start, is the required route for this speedrun. Players must kill Twisted Abrabazam, then Twisted Linguana, and then end with Twisted Geminice. Please review video of route HERE.

Official communications/changes to rules or any other important announcement will and only be provided by any of the GG Admin or Staff team. If you have any questions, please make sure to address those to the same team.


A prize pool of $4000 + an additional $1000 USD will be distributed as follows:

  • – 1st place – $2000
  • – 2nd place – $1000
  • – 3rd place – $300 each (total of $600)
  • – 5th to 8th – $100 each

The remaining $1000 will be awarded to WR holder of the “All Bosses” Category for Eagle Island Twist! by June 30th.

Communication via email on award distribution will follow event.

This event is co-organized by GG_Speedruns and Screenwave Media Games, the official Eagle Island/Eagle Island Twist publisher.

Sign up NOW and prove to the world that you are the fastest falconer on the Island of Yulu!


Make a Donation to the National Audubon Society via Tiltify HERE